What is the Most Popular Type of HVAC System Used in Residential Buildings?

Split system heating and cooling systems are the most widely used HVAC units in residential buildings. Composed of two separate components, one for heating and the other for cooling, these systems use a traditional thermostat to regulate the temperature of the entire structure. Split systems are aptly named, with one unit to cool the air and another to heat it. Hybrid or hybrid split systems are similar in terms of configuration and operation.

Also known as minislit or minislit ductless systems, a ductless system has individual HVAC units in each room of the house instead of two large units, such as a split system. This setup is more expensive than the traditional split system, particularly in terms of installation costs. However, the advantage is that you can better control the temperature in specific rooms. If you have ever experienced underfloor heating in a hotel bathroom, you are likely familiar with hydronic heating.

This air conditioning system is based on liquid instead of air to control the temperature. A boiler heats up the liquid (water or a glycol solution) that flows through flexible pipes located under the floors. Hydronic heating works best under concrete floors, but it is ideal for any area where you want to be warm under your feet. As the floors heat up, so does the rest of the room.

Portable air conditioners provide an alternative solution to traditional air conditioning systems. These units have wheels and work like a fan when sucking in ambient air. In a portable air conditioning unit, the refrigerant cools the closed-loop indoor coil, which cools the ambient air as it passes through the system, and the cold air enters the room. Durable: the grounding circuit lasts more than 50 years and the interior components last about 24 years.

Before deciding which type of air conditioning system is right for your home, it is important to consult with a certified HVAC technician. They can help you determine which type of system will best suit your needs and budget.

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